Choosing The Right Needle

Handy tips for choosing the right needle-

The higher the number, the heavier the fabric. The dual number is to indicate metric and imperial sizing (e.g. 90/14)

HAx1 is another name for the Universal Needle, for most domestic sewing machines.

Universal- For woven fabrics, needle has a slightly rounded point.

Jersey/Ballpoint - For knit fabrics, needle has a ball point to displace loops and prevent fabric damage (also prevents skipped stitches).

Stretch- For highly stretch fabrics such as lycra, needle has a medium ball point as well as a specially shaped transition from the needle scarf to the needle eye.

Jeans/Denim- For densely woven fabrics, thick or strong fabrics.  Needle has a re-inforced blade and slightly rounded tip.

Microtex- For thin densely woven fabric, needle has an acute round point and re-inforced blade.

Leather-- For leather and paper. Needle has a cutting point (also known as chisel point).

Quilting- For quilting and use of cotton fabrics. Needle has a slightly rounded point with special taper