Sewer's Extra Finger

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Product Overview

So many uses! Perfect for hard to reach places, protecting your fingers or fiddly work. Sewing and Quilting - Use to hold the fabric right up to the presser foot without sewing over your own fingers. Use to hold seam allowance in place to prevent puckering at each end especially during a lock stitch. Hold trims and ribbons steady whilst attaching. Use whilst ironing open seam allowances or bias tapes to save steaming your own fingers. Applique - Save steaming your fingers and keep folds in place whilst sewing Embroidery - Create loops and flowers in ribbon embroidery, hold threads in place when making special stitches. Crafting and Household - Hold things steady whilst gluing, tease out perfect bows or loops, hold a knot in place while you tie another. Made with quality alloy steel and aluminium. Measures 3.3 x 1 x 15.5cm