Pfaff Couching/Braiding Foot

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Product Overview

You can create beautiful trims when you use the Couching/ Braiding Foot and your machine's decorative stitches to sew over yarn, cords, narrow satin ribbon, soutache braid, etc.

1. To attach cords, use matching, invisible or decorative embroidery thread.
2. Insert the cording or tape from the front of the foot into the eyelet-type guide and pull it through the front hole, underneath and to the back of the sewing foot.
3. Engage the IDT (if available on your machine).
4. Select stitch, i.e. zigzag, blind hem or decorative. Sew the design by following the pre- marked design lines. Or, sew random lines and waves for a decorative textured effect.

TIP: Try several smaller cords and yarns, twist them together to create texture and combine colors.

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