Machine Model Information


Helpful information for determining which accessories to purchase (scroll down for other brands).


Pfaff Accessories are coded in groups for different models, we have listed below which Pfaff machine models are in each group:

GROUP A: Machines with 5mm and 6mm stitch width (without IDT system). Varimatic 6087/6086/6085, Hobby 309/307/301

GROUP B: Machines with 5.5mm stitch width (without IDT system). Hobby 1042/1040/1032/1030

GROUP C: Machines with 5.5mm stitch width (without IDT system). Tiptronic 2010/Expression 2014/Select 2.0/1528/1526/1520/ Tipmatic 6110/6112

GROUP D: Machines with 5.5mm and 6mm stitch width (with IDT system). Select 4.0/3.0/1548/1546/1540/1538/1536/1530 Tiptronic 6270/6250/6232 Tipmatic 6152/6122. Stretch & Jeans 6091.

GROUP E: Machines with 6mm stitch width (with IDT system). Creative 2124/Q Expression 2046/2044/2042. Expression 2036/2034/2028/2026/2024. Tiptronic 2040/2030/2020. Creative 1471/1467

GROUP F: Creative 7560 

GROUP G: Machines with a 9mm stitch width (with IDT system). Creative 2170/2144/2140/2134, Creative 7570/7562/7550/7530, Creative 1473/1475, Performance 2058/2056/2054/ Expression 2048/2038

GROUP H: Hobby 1142/1132

GROUP J: Machines with a 9mm stitch width (with IDT system) Creative Sensation/Creative Vision/Creative 4.0/2.0/Quilt Expression 4.0/4.2 Expression 2.0/3.0/150, Expression 710 and 720.

GROUP K: Machines with a 7mm stitch width (with IDT system)Ambition 610/Quilt Ambition 630 Ambition Essential/Ambition 1.0/Ambition 1.5/Quilt Ambition 2.0/Passport 2.0/Passport 3.0 Also SMARTER 260c/160c/140c

GROUP L: Creative Icon, Performance Icon

Check your model number before purchasing, if in doubt- contact us, we are happy to help.



Most Brother accessory feet fit all Brother models.  Some may say 5mm or 7mm.  This depends on the maximum stitch width of your sewing machine.

Bobbins: There are 2 types of Brother bobbins, the difference is the height. Either 9.2mm or 11.5mm 



For more information- Please contact us if your machine is more than 20 years old.